Light On Drums

הופכת כל חוויה לאירוע וכל אירוע לחוויה

Feel the Rhythm


Light ON Drums is a company envisioned by Or Nahon, a graduate of Los Angeles College of Music, who enjoys bringing his unique style of interactive entertainment to people of all ages.

Why Us?

With Light ON Drums as part of your event, the celebration will reflect not only the impeccable style of its hosts, but also their acknowledgement of the religious significance of the occasion. 


​From Weddings and Anniversary Parties to Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs, Light ON Drums employs the Judaica traditions of Chuppa, Shofar and Torah in ways that entertain and enlighten guests while paying reverence to the Jewish faith.

What We Do

Office: (818) 798-5770

 Orna/Booking (754) 245-2241

Orr/Booking (954) 515-7743


818-798-5770 - Los Angeles, CA

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